South Coast

Santa Barbara’s Biltmore Steps

The Biltmore Hotel has been a graceful landmark on the Santa Barbara coastline since 1927. Being one of the most premier hotels in all of Southern California, its elegance is not just owed to wonderful architecture and supreme customer service but also its incredible location. Looking out from the hotel you’ll enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara Channel and the silhouettes of the beautiful Northern Channel Islands. The views are spectacular across the thin sand beach where honeymooners often stroll at sunset.  The […]

Scoring a Satisfying Dive at Point Loma’s Goal Posts

One the largest continuous kelp forests in all of coastal Southern California is off Point Loma, San Diego. Depending on seasons and seas the Point Loma kelp forest can extend dozens of square miles. And not only is this forest thick and lush, but it’s also teeming with marine life.  A great place to experience the Point Loma kelp forest is at a spot known as Goal Posts. Much of the bottom off Point Loma is flat rock bottom. While it supports the kelp holdfasts, […]

Mission Beach’s NOSC Tower Wreck

The ocean has a way of taking massive metallic creations of man, smashing and tearing them, and throwing them to the sea floor in a heap. Then in its own sweet time, it turns the wreckage into a colorfully decorated thing of beauty. Such is the case with the Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC) Tower off Mission Beach in San Diego. The Tower began its life as a 100-foot tall steel structure carefully secured to the sea floor in 1959. Although having nothing to do […]

Enjoying SoCal’s Deer Creek

The next time you are heading out of L.A. for Ventura or Santa Barbara take the coastal route. Highway 1, also known as Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or just Coast Highway, passes through the famous Malibu colony but more importantly directly along side some of the best coastal scenery in all of Southern California.  As you travel, glance toward the sea on occasion and you’ll notice large kelp forests hugging the shoreline at many places. Beneath these canopies are excellent dive sites, reefs with abundant […]

Diver’s Cove and Fisherman’s Cove Loop

We headed out for Laguna Beach on a bright sunny morning with the intent of diving Shaw’s Cove. I love diving Shaw’s Cove. Problem is, so does everybody else.  With no parking available we headed in the direction of nearby Diver’s Cove. To my pleasant surprise there was a parking spot directly in front of the short stairway to the beach. Silly as it might sound, this is how our dive site was chosen this day by availability of parking. Along this relatively small section […]

Aquarium of the Pacific’s Dive Immersion Program

One of my happiest childhood memories is of a family outing to Marineland of the Pacific on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The one image that sticks out in bright sharp color is that of their grand centerpiece aquarium. It had masses of big swirling fish including large sharks and a real deep-sea diver! The diver fed the fish while I pressed my face against the window in fascination. I almost screamed with delight when that diver came over to smile at me separated only by […]

Terrenea Resort dive spot article correction

A correction to the previously published article on diving the Terrenea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is in order. (The correction has been made to the online published version.) While the Long Point to the west does indeed fall within a conservation area where nothing may be taken, the area in front of the cove and to the east ALSO falls within a conservation area where taking of game is limited considerably. In correction to the originally published article, the take of any invertebrates, […]

Palos Verdes — Terranea Resort

As we prepared for our dive, dolphins swam a mere 50 yards from shore. This was good sign, indicating the likelihood of good fish life. Or perhaps the dolphins were paying tribute to their ancestors that entertained humans on shore many years ago. Old-timers still refer to this dive site as “Old Marineland.” Marineland was one of the oldest theme parks in America when it closed in 1987. Park guests were awed with a variety of sea life exhibits, and, of course, dancing dolphins. Even […]

Bountiful Corona Del Mar State Beach

Divers who enjoy hunting their own seafood from South Orange County waters should consider a trip to Corona Del Mar State Beach. While this beach is part of the Crystal Cove State Marine Conservation Area, spearfishing of finfish as well as hand grabbing lobster and urchin hunting is allowed. And it is also an appealing dive for sightseeing or practicing underwater photography. Spearfishers will find hunting the barred sand bass — relatives of the coveted calico, or “kelp” bass — the most rewarding. Some are […]

Destination: Underwater California, Part 2: Los Angeles and Orange Counties

For those of you planning on visiting California to dive, please recognize that the number of dive sites here far exceeds what we can cover in a few pages. The variety and abundance of dive sites is mind-boggling, from the opportunity to see giant black sea bass, exceptionally lush kelp, a great wreck, or an abundance of lobsters. Our first installment in this series started in San Diego. Our next stops up the coast will be in Orange and Los Angeles counties, and the number […]

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