San Clemente

Inside the Outside Boiler

If you truly want to appreciate a dive site, it’s nice to know how it got its name. Some are obvious, like Three Sisters. Some are not so obvious, like Shag Rock. And others are obvious if you know the back-story. Such is the case with Inside the Outside Boiler. You’ll find this site on the eastern side of Pyramid Cove, which is along the southern edge of San Clemente Island. In the cove, there are a couple of boilers (rocks that break that surface) […]

San Clemente Island: Fishhook

For much of the frontside of San Clemente Island, the steep nearly vertical cliffs ashore plummet into the sea and continue down into the depths. While this can make for exciting diving, it can be very difficult if not impossible to anchor. In addition, the nearly constant strong current can make diving equally problematic. There are, however, a handful of spots to tuck the boat into that not only offer good places to anchor, they give you fantastic diving as well. My personal favorite is […]

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