Horseshoe Reef

Some dive sites are good for invertebrates, others are good for fish, and still others have interesting bottom topography. It…
Bruce Watkins
April 26, 2011

Fire Rock

California winter diving can best be described as beauty or the beast. When winter storms are raging, divers can certainly…
Bruce Watkins
November 24, 2010

White Wall

We descended the anchor line and began to enjoy the better-than-average visibility. Before us loomed a series of vertical walls,…
Bruce Watkins
October 18, 2010

East Pinnacle

Dozens of blue rockfish flowed in and out of view as we descended the anchor line. There was a strong…
Bruce Watkins
August 14, 2010


The coastline of California is enormous, and sometimes it is a daunting task to select a dive site. With so…
Bruce Watkins
June 15, 2010


First we dived from shore, then from kayaks and small boats--but only using shore line-ups to find sites. Advances in…
Bruce Watkins
May 28, 2010


There was a bit of a plankton bloom that day, but only within the upper 20 or 30 feet. As…
Bruce Watkins
April 23, 2010