SCUBA Show 2009 attendance at 10,202

The 22nd annual SCUBA Show was host to 10,202 attendees May 30-31. Aisles were crowded with enthusiastic, energized divers, as well as wanna-be divers, throughout the weekend. “This will go down in our books as one of the most successful SCUBA Shows ever,” stated show producer Dale Sheckler. “Seminars were well attended and our unique continuous film festival was a big hit with standing room only.” Special visitor to the show was the world famous marine life artist Wyland. The public was moved with his […]

How Big Should A Rock Scallop Knife Be?

I’m reading Dale Sheckler’s article (online) “Hunting Rock Scallops” and would like to know what knife blade length in inches is ideal for this. The article says the knife should be long. How many inches does he recommend? Thanks.Alex Fuhrer Alex,This depends on how you intend on harvesting the scallop. If you are going to cut the meat out rather than removing the scallop whole, a long thin sharp blade is best, but don’t pry with this blade as it will ruin it. If you […]


Make any excuse to go diving in July to win prizes worth thousands of dollars and raise funds to support the San Diego Oceans Foundation, a non-profit organization that has been promoting ocean stewardship for 25 years. The tax-deductible registration fee is $25 and includes a FREE event T-shirt. Online registration is simple and takes only ten minutes. Similar to a walk-a-thon, Dive-a-Thon participants set a personal diving goal for the month of July and seek financial pledges from friends and family. But instead of […]

Gold Star Dive

The 12th Anniversary Gold Star Dive on Catalina Island at the Casino Point Underwater Park will be held on Saturday, July 18. The event is hosted by the Avalon Sheriff’s Station and sponsored by several dive shops, and companies associated with diving. This event will be a fund-raiser for the Avalon Sheriff’s Station’s  Y.A.L. (Youth Athletic League) program and the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. Divers will search for numbered “gold” stars in depths between 10 feet and 50 feet. Divers will have an hour and a […]

Scuba Travel Ventures and Aqua Dreams Travel Merge

Scuba Travel Ventures has announced that the company has recently completed merger with Aqua Dreams Travel, which provides divers with more options than ever for dive travel vacations. The merger process, which began last year, is now completed and Scuba Travel Ventures now operates offices in both San Diego, California and Cape Coral, Florida. According to managing partner Ernie Arellano, the new operation brings together two professional staffs with specific expertise in different regions of the world. “Aqua Dreams is well-positioned and experienced with Caribbean-related […]

Reef Check California Season Underway

Over 300 citizen scientists from across the state are now diving into the 2009 Reef Check California survey season. This small army of dedicated volunteer scuba divers will be counting over 70 types of marine creatures from rockfish to abalone as they survey over 60 rocky reefs from Eureka to San Diego. These aren’t typical university scientists scouring the underwater reefs just off the shoreline, but everyday people trained and certified by Reef Check scientists in underwater monitoring techniques. Bill Fields is a home builder […]

B&B offers Monterey Visitors Unique Experiences

Vision Quest Ranch is now offering bed and breakfast dive packages when visiting Monterey Bay to scuba divers. Guests can enjoy a safari on land and sea on the same vacation without leaving the United States. Enjoy breakfast with elephants and a private tour of the safari facility. Afterwards, guests will be transported to a local dive shop to pick up any gear you might need to rent or buy.     From there guests will be transported to a dive spot of choice, or aboard […]

California Department of Fish and Game Announce Free Fishing Days

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has announced new dates for Free Fishing Day in 2009. Free Fishing Days will be the Fourth of July and Labor Day, September 7 when DFG will waive the license requirement for citizens 16 or older. All other fishing regulations, such as bag and size limits, gear restrictions, fishing hours and stream closures remain in effect. On Free Fishing Days, anglers also must have the appropriate report card if they are taking abalone and some other species. For […]

Chamber Day/Evening Raises $115,000 for Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber

Despite sea conditions that looked ominous the day before (and actually prompted six boats to cancel, the new date for those boats and their 112 divers is tentatively scheduled for June 3). Chamber Day & Eve 2009 came off without a hitch on Wednesday, May 6. Although the ride over was a little bumpy, 115 divers enjoyed a day of sunshine and good diving at Catalina, and were also rewarded with a tour of the Chamber facilities at Big Fisherman’s Cove. The stop also included […]

SCUBA Show Preview

Whether you are planning a dive trip, your next dive gear purchase or consulting with scuba experts, there is no better place to do it than at THE Diving Event of the Year!™, SCUBA Show 2009. The size of the exhibit hall at 76,000 square feet makes this the largest consumer dive expo in America. Be at the 22nd annual SCUBA Show, May 30-31 (the weekend AFTER Memorial Day) at the Long Beach Convention Center. EXHIBITSHeart of the SCUBA Show is its massive exhibit hall. […]

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