Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept. Search and Rescue — Dive Team 2011 Underwater Academy

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Underwater Search and Rescue Team is seeking qualified SCUBA divers who are skilled and reliable and willing to volunteer their time, resources, and efforts in a commitment to their community. Prospective candidates must attend the orientation session for the Underwater Academy on Friday evening, February 25 at 7:00 PM at the Sheriff’s Academy, located at 275 Eubanks Street (Eubanks and Durley) on the grounds of the Camarillo Airport.   Course Fee:  $250.00 to offset cost of the training. In order […]

Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup — February 26

The 30th Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup will be held on Saturday, February 26, 2011. Once a year the Avalon Harbor Department permits diving in Avalon Harbor for the Avalon Underwater Cleanup. This event, which is steeped in over a quarter century of tradition, brings together over 400 divers from California and other western states, as well as many foreign countries. In the morning, divers will scour the harbor searching for trash and debris, which is removed and sorted by volunteers. Prizes and awards are […]

Give Nitrogen the One, Two, Three Knock-Out Punch

Dramatically reducing your risk of decompression sickness could be simple as one, two, three.  ONE: If your dive is 80 feet or deeper, take a ONE-minute “deep stop” at half your maximum diving depth. This is now becoming such a heavily accepted diving practice that it is built into some newer model dive computers.  TWO: We are all taught in our basic Openwater dive certification class to take a three-minute stop at 15 feet, but personally, I like to add an extra TWO-minutes to that […]

Dive Boat Etiquette

Fortunately, I have been doing a lot of California Channel Islands boat diving lately and enjoying it immensely. Not only am I involved in my journalistic activities onboard, I have also have been doing a lot of observations of people’s behavior on dive boats. For the most part, California divers are a very skilled and courteous bunch. On a recent three-day trip we had 32 divers aboard a boat with just two heads and everybody got along just fine and we all had a great […]

Domoic Acid Advisory Issued for Consumers of Lobsters and Rock Crabs

The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is warning all consumers of California spiny lobster to eat only the tail meat until further notice. Elevated levels of domoic acid toxin have been found in the viscera of lobster sampled from waters adjacent to the northern Channel Islands. Elevated levels of the toxin have also been detected in recent samples of rock crab, and so this warning also extends to this species. The meat of the lobster and crab is not affected by the toxin, […]

S.C.A.N. Seeking Members and Volunteers

Sonoma County Abalone Network (S.C.A.N.) is a non-profit public service Corporation (501-c-3) dedicated to the protection of the north coastal marine environment and the wise management of the abalone resource. The main purpose is that of public education and raising awareness to the abalone resource and the damage that illegal activities (poaching) is causing.  S.C.A.N. is a volunteer partner with the Department of Fish and Game and assists the department in roadside checkpoints and abalone “creel surveys.” During the prosecution of offenders, S.C.A.N. provides public […]

Riviera Now Diving A.C.E. Wreck

Just five miles outside Dana Point harbor, the wreck of the A.C.E. has become the popular attraction among advanced divers patronizing the dive charter boat Riviera. The A.C.E. is a 90-foot long commercial bait boat covered by metridium anemones and surrounded by thousands of fish from calico bass to cabezon. Completely intact and reported as diver-friendly, she lies in 114 feet of water but the top of the wreck, the lookout tower, is 90 feet down. The Riviera dive charter boat is the only commercial […]

Volunteers Needed For White Sea Bass Project

The King Harbor White Sea Bass (WSB) Grow Out Facility is looking for volunteers to help raise juvenile White Sea Bass. They are located on the SEA Lab property at 1021 N. Harbor Dr. Redondo Beach. The WSB recovery efforts have been going strong for the past decade from San Diego to Santa Barbara through private funding and volunteer efforts. WSB gill netting was banned in 1994. This facility has two large above ground pools inside a huge tent that is home to 6,000 WSB […]

Safe Lobster Hunting

Release the hounds! You animals out there are frothing at the mouth to get after the lobster. “Bugs,” as they are called by serious aficionados, attract hunters from all up and down the coast and far inland because of their delicate rich flavor in the firm white meat of their tail. A bit of melted butter and eating is like a heavenly drug. Now I am getting psyched-up! This year hunting will start at a frantic pace on 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, October 2nd and […]

Underwater Pumpkin Carving and Costume Contest — October 16

An Underwater Pumpkin Carving and Costume contest will take place at Casino Point, Catalina Island on October 16. And, if you can believe it, there is actually a specialty certification offered! For more information email jendoidge@gmail.com or call 909-855-5334. FYI: There is also an Underwater Poker Run offered in the same location the next day, October 17. No specialty certification offered.

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