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5 Lobster Hunting Secrets

There are some quite obvious tips for a successful lobster hunt. One includes night diving. Lobster are nocturnal and venture forth from rocky lairs under the cover of darkness. They are much easier to capture when out in the open. Some tips are not as well known. Example: Lobsters swim “backwards” or tail-first. Always bag your lobster tail-first so they swim right in. Then there are those tips that are obscure enough to qualify as “secrets.” That is what we are dealing with here; the […]

Practical Abalone Hunting

Northern California divers are indeed fortunate to have one of the ocean’s tastiest treats so close to home–the red abalone. These mollusks are abundant in our state’s northern waters and, with a little bit of knowledge, they are easy to harvest and make a mighty fine meal. What follows are a few practical tips to prepare for your dive, collect, and cook your catch. Abalone may only be harvested north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The season limit is 24 and daily bag and possession […]

More Lobster Hunting Secrets

I’d no more finished last month’s article (5 Lobster Hunting Secrets) and I’d thought of a few more that I could pass on. Actually, some of these were passed on to me by others. Again, some of these “secrets” are, perhaps, not-so-secret and yet others border on, well, shall we say, legend. COVER A LOT OF REEF Those that get the most lobster are those that cover the most bottom, its often that simple. You need to take a hit and run mentality. Leave the […]

How to Hunt Lingcod

Lingcod are one of the most sought after fish by California divers, and are second only to combined species rockfish, genus Sebastes. Lingcod may be found along the entire state and about six percent of the sport harvest is taken by spearfishers. The scientific name for lings is Ophiodon elongatus meaning “snake tooth,” and they are the largest member of the greenling family, Hexagrammidae. They should not be confused with unrelated the Atlantic cod. Lingcod feed on juvenile rockfish, squid, and their favorite food appears […]

Hunting Gifts

When it comes to holiday gifts to and from divers, dive gear can be tough.First, few items are below one-hundred dollars, even fewer under fifty dollars. Many items have to fit just right, or with divers, being the way they are, the item has to be just the right model, make AND color. No wonder it’s so tough. But there is one department in many local dive stores that could fill many holiday gift giving needs — underwater hunting. Most underwater hunting gear is relatively […]

More, Bigger Abs: Taking Abalone Diving to the Next Level-Tips for Successful Hunting from Seasoned Veterans

Hunting for abalone is the most common excuse for getting wet in Northern California. These tasty mollusks are quite abundant, and are not difficult to find with a little knowledge and practice. In April of 2000 CDN published a primer for new ab hunters. In this issue we discuss how more experienced divers can come home with more and bigger abalone. Under current California law abalone can only be taken by breath-hold divers, no scuba allowed. As in any type of diving, and particularly breath-hold […]

To Hunt or Not to Hunt? Deciding for Yourself

Like it or not, underwater hunting, the act of taking seafood underwater for personal consumption, is still quite legal in this state, widely practiced and, in this writer’s opinion, a very legitimate activity. Clearly, however, mankind has overharvested widely in most, if not all, areas of the sea. Most say, rightfully so, that the commercial harvesters are to blame but the sport hunter must take their share of the blame as well. Underwater hunting, along with commercial and sport rod and fishing will be more […]

Beginning Spearfishing

If you enjoy a good piece of fish from your local seafood restaurant or store, you’ll love spearing your own fish. The taste can get no better as the fish is the absolute freshest. You get the fun of being underwater, and believe it or not, spearfishing is one of the more environmentally friendly ways to harvest from the sea. There is no wasted “by-catch,” you gain more satisfaction from one fish because it is the freshest, and because you are preparing your own catch […]

Little Known Lobster Facts

It is that time of year again when the underwater hunters come out of the woodwork beating their chest and weaving great stories and yarns about fantastic exploits of lobster hunting. While you may not be the greatest lobster hunter, you can certainly impress your buddies with some obscure facts about the wily crustaceans. Want to impress your friends with a few facts about lobster are not generally known? Read on! FAMILY TIES California spiny lobster (Panulirus interruptus) is only a distant cousin to the […]

The Secret Lives of Lobster

The key to the successful hunt of an animal is a solid understanding of the habits, quirks and behavior of your particular quarry. With lobster season starting soon, the focus for underwater seafood hunters will shift to these crustaceans that avid stalkers call “bugs.” Here are some facts (and some observations that may not be “facts,” per se) to help you in the upcoming lobster season, or at least better appreciate this odd quarry. LOBSTERS BITE Their jaws are powerful and, particularly with larger specimens, […]

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