IST B-006 Roller Gear Bag

California divers need a bag that is both light in weight for travel and yet large in capacity and sturdy enough for the demands of California diving. IST has stepped up to meet these demands in the their new B-006 Roller Gear Bag.  This is a large capacity dive bag intended to hold a full set of gear for the California diver — wetsuit, BC, regulator, fins, the whole works. Side pockets hold even the large, long split fins that have become so popular with […]

Bigblue TL-9 LED Technical Light

The TL-9 LED light is one of the latest editions to the popular Bigblue dive light series and is designed to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding technical divers. Using nine LEDs the TL-9 can blast out an impressive 1800 lumens, perfect for deep diving, wreck penetration, cave exploration or just putting a lot of quality light right where you need it underwater. The tough aluminum alloy light head can be attached to a “Goodman Handle” for ease of use. The light head […] Dive Gear Identification Tags is now offering a practical and enduring way to identify your dive gear. Your name or any other notation you’d like up to 19 characters, are woven into strong nylon strapping. Woven directly into the strap material, your wording will not fade, chip, rinse away or peel off. Currently, there are dive gear bag tags, zipper pulls, and gear ID tags. Coming soon are dive light lanyards. The lanyards and tags, lanyards, and pulls are all made in California, USA. For more information, go […]

Light & Motion Sola 600 Underwater Light

Light & Motion is pleased to announce the shipping release of the all-new Sola 600 compact imaging light. The Sola 600 stakes out a new category of lighting with its versatility. From compact cameras to DSLRs to video housings, the Sola 600 is the perfect companion for all of these underwater imaging platforms. The Sola packs a blistering 679 lumens of light for 75 minutes with a clean even beam pattern and delivers 225 lumens of red light for close-up work at night. Berkley White […]

IST Holsters

It seems you can never have enough pockets–or pockets in an easy place to reach. IST sports has come up with a unique accessory for those divers needing more storage space on their dives–Holsters.This stretch soft and plush 3 mm neoprene accessory wraps easily around your waist and thighs and secures with an adustable Velcro closure. Additional D-rings, both inside and outside the pockets serve as an extra attachment for valuable pieces of gear. The large pockets are closed with heavy-duty rust-proof YKK zippers. Available […]

Pinnacle Black Ice Dry Suit

Is there any such thing as a truly dry dry suit? In my 37 years of diving I have owned four dry suits. The previous, while effective and each having their strengths never seemed to be 100 percent “dry.” Water ends up in the suit either through small leaks between the skin and seals or through condensation coming from water evaporated through the skin. What is important is how the dry suit and its accompanying underwear deal with this moisture. My fourth and most recent […]

Sound Ocean Systems Underwater GPS

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. announces the release of the Sea Guide, diver hand-held GPS. The Sea Guide gives recreational divers the ability to mark and relocate dive sites, wrecks, reefs, or other subsea items of interest. By utilizing the readout of a hand-held GPS system underwater, divers will spend less time searching and more time exploring. At the heart of the Sea Guide is a GPS 76 receiver manufactured by Garmin, the most trusted name in GPS technology. The Sea Guide is designed to provide […]

Titan Closed Circuit Rebreather

A Southern California based company designed and manufactures the Titan Closed Circuit Rebreather keeping weight, safety and simplicity top priorities. Extensive research was performed to increase safety and backup systems on the Titan CCR and your local instructor can teach you how to perfect these skills. This rebreather is ultra-compact, lightweight, fully adjustable, and comes complete with the new Shearwater Predator controller (computer) and heads-up display. Titan Dive Gear originally started their success by developing and manufacturing technical dive lights. Commercial, technical, and recreational divers […]

Sherwood Scuba Wisdom 2 Dive Computer

Talking to many new divers I find more often that not the one piece of equipment considered for purchase causing more consternation than anything else is a dive computer. They are expensive (some over $1,300), feature filled almost to the point of confusion, and sometimes it is hard to find a particular model in stock. While I am not a novice diver, I went looking for a new computer with that frame of mind, if for no other reason that I very much enjoy simplicity […]

Product Review: IST M88 BlueTech Dive Mask

For 2010 IST Sports has introduced a half a dozen new dive masks to its already extensive dive mask line. In my opinion one mask, in particular, that is destined to become quite popular is the new M88 BlueTech. The mask has a number of features that combine to make this a top quality dive mask. None stands out more in my mind, however, than the strap buckle system. The strap tightens with a pull of the end–easy and common enough, but the way the […]

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