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New Year, New Adventures -- Tips for Getting More Out of Your California Diving in the Year Ahead
The coming of the New Year is a time to expand new options and opportunities in every avenue of our lives. More than ever this New Year has multiple op

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Chuck Nicklin Named California Scuba Service Award Recipient

Author  :
Date  : June 2015
Chuck Nicklin Named California  Scuba Service Award Recipient

In the early 1940s Chuck Nicklin moved with his  

Why Go There? What to Expect from the Scuba Show

Author  : Cathryn Castle
Date  : May 2015
You've heard the old saying, "birds of a feather flock together," right? I'm not sure how to correctly describe a gathering of scuba divers -- a school 

Important and Fun Upcoming Scuba Events

Author  :
Date  : April 2015
The University of Southern California Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber Day, billed as the largest single-day scuba charity  

A Diver's Guide to Charitable Giving

Author  : Karen Straus
Date  : January 2015
A New Year is here, and with it good intentions to do more to help support the causes that matter to divers. But do you know where your donated dollars 

The Everyday Diver: Living the Diving Life, Year-Round

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : December 2014
In the language of the automobile collector, there's a term called the "everyday driver." It's the nice-ish car that you drive to the grocery store or  

The Thrill of the Hunt: A Diver's Guide to Lobster

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : October 2014
Who says we don't have seasons in California? We most certainly do! There is lobster season and everything else.

We'll keep th 

Own Unique California Underwater Art

Author  :
Date  : August 2014
This year's Scuba Show featured a lot of artistic talent from our attendees who helped assemble the collaborative painting featured on this mont 

Very Special Days for Diver are NOW HERE!

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : June 2014
Christmas. New Year's Day. My birthday. My mother's birthday. July 4th. Opening day of baseball season. The World Series. The Super Bowl. Starting 

The Spirit of a Dive Show

Author  : Mark Young
Date  : May 2014
Along with California Diving News, we publish Dive Training magazine and the diving industry's trade journal. So as a working member of t 

Careers in Diving: Professional Profiles Part 2

Author  : Steven M. Barsky
Date  : April 2014
Probably the most amazing thing about the jobs people have who work in diving is that their careers are so varied. Pick a type of job, and there is pro 

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