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The Spirit of a Dive Show
Along with California Diving News, we publish Dive Training magazine and the diving industry's trade journal. So as a working member of t

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Very Special Days for Diver are NOW HERE!

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : June 2014
Christmas. New Year's Day. My birthday. My mother's birthday. July 4th. Opening day of baseball season. The World Series. The Super Bowl. Starting 

The Spirit of a Dive Show

Author  : Mark Young
Date  : May 2014
Along with California Diving News, we publish Dive Training magazine and the diving industry's trade journal. So as a working member of t 

Careers in Diving: Professional Profiles Part 2

Author  : Steven M. Barsky
Date  : April 2014
Probably the most amazing thing about the jobs people have who work in diving is that their careers are so varied. Pick a type of job, and there is pro 

Knots, Nauts, and Nots: What You Need to Know About diving from your own boat

Author  : Joseph C. Dovala
Date  : March 2014
Diving from a charter boat can be a lot of fun and it's a great way to reach sites that aren't accessible from shore. Planning a trip aboard a div 

New Year, New Adventures -- Tips for Getting More Out of Your California Diving in the Year Ahead

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : January 2014
The coming of the New Year is a time to expand new options and opportunities in every avenue of our lives. More than ever this New Year has multiple op 

Careers in Diving, Part 1

Author  : Steven M. Barsky
Date  : December 2013
Diving is an important tool for many people in their work. For some, such as sea urchin divers, it's their most important tool for getting the job done 

Call for Entries in 2013 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition

Author  :
Date  : September 2013
Underwater Photography Guide, a popular online resource for underwater photographers, is accepting entries for the 2013 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Comp 

Scuba Chef: Rock Scallop Flatbread Pizza

Author  : Trevor Cook
Date  : November 2012
While diving off Huntington Beach recently, I was asked if I could come up with an interesting way to prepare scallops. During our conversation ou 

Scuba Chef -- A New Twist on an Ancient Recipe: Sheephead Ceviche

Author  : Chef Trevor Cook
Date  : September 2012
Serves 4-6
1 pound fresh sheephead fillet, cubed
8-9 limes, juiced
2 tomatoes, diced

Nicoise Salad, California Style

Author  : Trevor Cook the SCUBA Chef
Date  : August 2012
Classic Nicoise salad hails from the southeast coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea. Its name means, prepared "in the style of Nice" but I'm giving 

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