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Diving Rock Ridge Along Monterey's Point Pinos
Like the land, the underwater world exhibits distinct seasons. Summertime brings plankton blooms and the entire Monterey Area teems with life. While th

Dive Spots - South Coast
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Destination: Underwater California, Part 2: Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Author  : Steven M. Barsky
Date  : May 2013
For those of you planning on visiting California to dive, please recognize that the number of dive sites here far exceeds what we can cover in a few pa 

The Wreck of the Ruby E

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : March 2013
The Ruby E is adorned with colorful marine life, but alas, the grand old lady is beginning to show her age. After all, she's been serving as an  

The Kelp Forest at Corral Beach

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : January 2013
Driving west from Los Angeles on Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), travelers will enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and long stre 

Orange County Dive Spot: Moss Cove

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : December 2012
It had probably been about seven years or more since we'd visited Moss Cove, so I was excited to visit the area again, especially since it's been a par 

San Clemente's Wheeler North Reef

Author  : Scott Marshutz
Date  : August 2012
Artificial reefs are nothing new to Southern California, but the Wheeler North Reef in San Clemente raises the bar in terms of its size and scope.

Wreck of the Yukon

Author  : Dale Sheckler
Date  : August 2012
Technically, a shipwreck is a vessel that sank accidentally. And, since the sinking of the Yukon happened "accidentally on purpose" one might ar 

Dive Site Ventura County: La Jenelle Park

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : June 2012
On April 13, 1970 the La Jenelle was a 466-foot, 1,000-passenger luxury liner moored outside Port Hueneme harbor when a storm changed her fate.  

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : March 2012
If you're looking to escape the craziness of Los Angeles, drive up the Pacific Coast Highway toward Malibu and in less than an hour you'll arrive at Le 

Laguna Beach's Best (and Easiest) Beach Dives

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : October 2011
While it can hold its challenges, beach diving California can be very rewarding and even easy. There are several advantages to beach diving. First of a 

Dive Spot: Malaga Cove

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : September 2011
Unfortunately, during the late summer through the early fall, occasional tropical storms off Baja kick up large swells that land on south-facing beache 

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