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Below is the active list of scheduled boat dive trips. Be sure to contact the charter directly for confirmation, rates, booking and other info.

Sep 3rd | San Clemente Island | Vision
Sep 4th | Anacapa Island | Raptor
Sep 5th | Anacapa Island | Spectre
Sep 5th | Anacapa/S. Cruz Island | Conception
Sep 5th | Kelp/Wreck | Peace
Sep 6th | Anacapa/S. Cruz Island | Spectre
Sep 6th | Catalina Island | Magician
Sep 6th | Wreck Alley | Humboldt
Sep 6th | Catalina Island | Cee Ray
Sep 6th | San Clemente Island | Conception
Sep 6th | Anacapa Island | Raptor
Sep 7th | Catalina Island | Cee Ray
Sep 7th | Wreck Alley | Humboldt
Sep 7th | Anacapa/S. Cruz Island | Spectre
Sep 7th | Anacapa Island | Peace
Sep 7th | Anacapa Island | Raptor
Sep 7th | Anacapa/S. Cruz Island | Spectre

IST B-006 Roller Gear Bag

Date  : October 15, 2010

California divers need a bag that is both light in weight for travel and yet large in capacity and sturdy enough for the demands of California diving. IST has stepped up to meet these demands in the their new B-006 Roller Gear Bag. 

This is a large capacity dive bag intended to hold a full set of gear for the California diver -- wetsuit, BC, regulator, fins, the whole works. Side pockets hold even the large, long split fins that have become so popular with scuba divers. Mesh in the ends of the pockets allow for easy draining. 

The bag measures 29.5 inches high, 17 inches wide and 12 inches deep making for a large interior. The unusually large external pockets make it easy to organize dive gear into separate compartments. The main and external compartments are padded for dive gear protection. Not only are there securing straps in the main compartment but in the external compartments as well. And the external pocket can be accessed from both outside the bag and from inside with the bag is open.

Weighing in at only 9.6 pounds, this bag is an excellent travel companion. Other features making it easy for travel include a telescoping handle with sturdy wheels, padded webbing handles and hidden shoulder straps that allow the bag to be carried as a backpack if necessary. In spite of its feather weight the bag is constructed of sturdy 600-denier polyester and uses 600-denier clear coated mesh. 

For more information on this new dive bag visit IST Sports website at

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